The Ponds Forge, Sheffield was the venue for the weekend for the 2022 English Karate Championships.

The Forza Karate Club team comprising of Sensei Jade Honeywood and Athlete Kobe Yogarajah (incidentally both England Karate team members) were joined by Sensei David Thomas, Sensei Hazel Flaherty and Athlete Jasper Simmons to form Team FKA.


Kobe began the campaign as current British 4 nations champion. This is the first time since the British that he has competed. A few niggling injuries thanks to school sports set Kobe aside from training for a couple of weeks, plus exams, it was an up hill battle to say the least, but both athlete and coach were prepared to go ahead.

Kobe first opponent was a very capable athlete and regular performer. Standing quite a few inches taller, it was clear that range was gonna be the issue for Kobe and of course, a high guard.

The fight fight began with some great exchanges from both fighters, mid way through, Kobe dropped his guard to allow his opponent to score with a head shot. The score 1-0

Kobe continued to apply pressure on his opponent working both head and body and few attempted kicks seeing the fight through to the end 1-0 to his opponent, not the start he wanted and clearly upset with his performance.

Fortunately, his opponent made it through to the final allowing Kobe a repo-charge. This meant Kobe had the opportunity to fight for a bronze medal.

Kobe first fight in the repo-charge see him win 1-0 with a clean fight and well time counter punch to see him through for a bronze medal fight.

Going for bronze, Kobe was against an opponent he fought in the British semi final only a few months ago.

The fight began with lots of cat and mouse tactics from both fighters, sizing up each other and cancelling each others moves, the fight ended 0-0 and a decision had to be made by the officials. 4 flags – 1 Kobe lost against his opponent. Kobe campaign ended with a 5th place.